Have you burned all of your money on Adwords PPC Campaigns without seeing much results?

(Google search ad spending rose 21% Y/Y in Q1 2017, up from 19% growth in Q4. Clicks increased 20%, while cost per click (CPC) rose 1%.) – Merkle Inc.

All of the search engines ( Google, Bing & Yahoo) are going strong day by day and therefore paid search engine marketing such as Google Adwords will continue to grow as one of the most effective channels available for years to come.

However, Google Adwords campaigns aren’t the easiest to manage when it comes to real estate.  It is competitive medium and everyone want to make strong presence on search engines.

After managing & auditing several real estate adwords accounts, I’ve found there are several reasons why your PPC Search campaigns may not be performing well, so I narrowed it down to the top 5.

1. Was Your Campaigns Structure correct?

Adwords campaign structuring is basic but at the same time very important action you should take while creating campaigns.  If you miss it in first place you will have lots of issues once campaign starts. You need to structure campaign keyword level only. See below checklist:

  1. Perform extensive Keyword Research & find all keywords as per your targeting.
  2. Keyword Grouping (Group keywords with similar words)
  3. Create campaigns with keyword group level
  4. Create Ad groups with keyword level
  5. Was Your Campaigns Structure correct?

2. Was Your Campaign type selection correct?

Adwords campaign type can be vary as per your objective. One can create campaign which serves options like branding, website traffic, lead generation, video impressions & retargeting. Many people fail at first place if they are confuse with their campaign objective. I have seen campaigns created in display network for lead generation purpose. Since there is various types for different objective one should follow the same to get desire results.

  1. If your objective is to get traffic on your website/landing page then select Google Display network.
  2. If your objective is to generate quality leads then select Google Search network would be best option.
  3. If your objective is to show offers to existing audience then select display retargeting campaign type.

adwords campaign selection

3. Was the campaign optimization done correctly?

When it comes to adwords optimization you need to consider every factor which helps reduce the CPC or CPL. Basic optimization can be done via reducing CPC, creating better ads, improve quality score and other aspects need daily work. Google adwords platform has given a vast list of enhancement / feature if used correctly it can lead to success of campaign. In other hand, if you are not using these features you are wasting potential growth. To counter this, I would suggest you to make use of all relevant extension while optimizing campaigns. Specifically in real estate, I have seen brands only create campaigns, basic ads and ad groups. They don’t bother to check what more we can do more to make account better. There are features like ad extensions, Bid Simulator, Opportunity tab, Dimension tab, keyword search query report and much more.

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4. Did you give enough attention to adwords tracking?

Needless to say, success of campaign will also depends on tracking pixel you put on the website. If this goes wrong, you won’t be able to track leads coming to your campaign as well as other parameters. Nowadays, when there are multiple tracking codes involved for different purpose use of Google tag manager is very essential tool that every digital marketer should use. Once you installed the code and want to check whether everything is working properly. Use Google’s Tag assistant chrome extension for this purpose. It’s a small task which you should not avoid at any cost or else you won’t be able to track anything.

5. Were the landing page is relevant to your campaigns & ads?

Internet users are distracted by many things on the web. It takes 10 seconds to decide whether they have ended up on correct or wrong page. If the landing page is not well structured as per campaign objective and audience set then bounce rate will increase which leads to wastage of money. To overcome these follow below tips:

  1. Try to keep less navigation points on landing page, this will help your visitors take the actions instantly. It is recommended to have single page landing page without any external links.
  2. Speed of your landing page is one factor which will help you boost of your conversions. So make sure your website load faster not just on desktop but also on Mobile.
  3. It is recommended to have proper call to action such as contact numbers with hyperlink & sticky contact form.
  4. Additional features such as web chat, interactive content, chat bot will increase your conversions.

landing page improvement

Conclusion –

Analyzing these 5 most critical aspects of adwords will help you make great conversions for your real estate project. Needless to say it is bit time consuming but at the same time it is worth doing.

How did your campaigns performed? Let me know by commenting below.